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Genesis LIMS Features

Reception and Sample Login for new customer orders.


1. Client Projects can be created and monitored through the Login Wizard.
2. Complete Chain of Custody information is available; equipped with login speed keys.
3. Specialty Pricing can be set up for each customer.
4. Sample Labels are produced with a single click.
5. Order Editing allows you to change parameters, prices, and even produces lab worksheets.
6. Invoicing, Results, and Analytical Batch Worksheets can all be loaded from the Login Wizard.

"IN Basket" & Tracking for all pending orders

1. Each open order is listed with Percent (%) Scheduled and Percent (%) Complete information.
2. Results can be viewed for each specific order.
3. Lab Work shows the technicians who are working on the order and previews their worksheets.
4. Sample Lists show what Percent (%) of each test battery has been completed.
5. Sort Completed Orders to view a short list of items ready for manager approval.
6. Manager Approval verifies completion of all tests and QA/QC, and passes the order to the Reports Manager Module.

Dynamically create Batch Worksheets for all new Analysis.

Choose different labs to see new Analysis & rush orders.
2. Wizard modes such as Preparations, Analyte, Test Battery, and Basic can generate up to (3) different worksheet formats.
3. Preview each of the specific samples currently slated for each test parameter.
4. Select samples to be spiked for QA/QC reporting.
5. Manager's can list, review, and approve the Completed Orders that are ready for mailing.


Allows technicians fast access to work batches & QC requirements. Also allows sample results calculations for pending orders.

1. Preparations Batch Worksheets allow technicians to record extraction data for all samples and QA/QC.
2. Analytical Batch Worksheets allow technicians to record analytical results for all samples and QA/QC.
3. Internal Formula calculates Sample Results from raw instrument concentrations using sample preparations information.
4. Speed Keys enter complete results, units, MDL's MCL's, method #'s, and test dates with a single click.
5. QA/QC page records analyses that are spiked for quality assurance or used as control samples.
6. Battery Work Sheets are available for tests with long analyte lists.
7. Maximum Contamination Limits allow technicians to specify whether Federal, State, Local, or Customer levels will be accepted.
8. QA/QC Graphs can be loaded directly from the Lab Results screen.
9. The Manager's Key allows high security users to unlock and modify approved results.


A workbench that dynamically creates 3-D Bar, Standard Deviation, Percent (%) Recovery, and Trending graphs from a series of user defined parameters.


1. QA/QC Graphs determine Upper/Lower Control limits and Upper/Lower Warning limits for Recoveries over any user-determined time frame.
2. QA/QC Graphs depict Percent (%) Recovery, Duplicate variances, and MDL's.
3. Generate graphs for Specific customers or graph All customers.
4. Choose to graph results from a Specific order, or a range of dates.
5. Hot Keys are provided to select Quarterly or Monthly date ranges quickly.
6. Up to (3) Test Parameters can be selected for Results graphs.

Provides a variety of functions for calculating and generating a customer's final bill.


1. Surcharges and office fees can be tacked on or dropped off using Add Charge or Delete Charge.
2. Customer Discounts can be Applied to All invoice items or Applied to Select test items.
3. A Manager's Key allows high security users to change the price of invoice line items.
4. Credit Memos can also be added or taken away if a correction is needed or a price discrepancy occurs.
5. Preview allows you to see what the invoice will look like on paper before you print the report package.
6. Payments features include Listing and Posting Payments, Credits, Adjustments, and Deposits.

Acts as the "OUT Basket" for all recently approved orders and all mailed orders.

1. New Reports shows a list of recently approved orders that need to be mailed.
2. Mailed Reports shows a comprehensive list of all mailed customer reports.
3. Clicking on the Reports Wizard button loads the current customer order for report production.
4. Lab Work brings up a list of all technicians that worked on the order and previews their worksheets.
5. Users with proper authority can view or modify Sample Results prior to generating customer reports if so desired.
6. Clicking on Load Graphs automatically populates the Graphing module with the current result set.
7. Managers can Undo Approval if a customer order needs to be re-opened.

Produces all customer report packages and provides a number of options for delivery.

1. The Report Package can include a Cover page , Invoice, Sample List, and Results Report.
2. Detection Limits Automatically Calculated for each analyte and each sample.
3. Report copies can be prepared for a number of recipients simultaneously.
4. Users can Add or Drop recipients as needed, and change address details on the fly.
5. The Invoice module can be loaded directly from the Reports Wizard.
6. Report Setup allows you to select different columns, layouts, sort orders, and page breaks.
7. All reports are stamped with a Report Date that can be modified with the proper security authorization.
8. Comments and memos can be prepared for the client in additional project narratives.
9. Reports can be delivered as Mailed Reports, Faxed Reports, or reports on Disk. (In either Report or Electronic Data Deliverable format)

Provides several financially based reports for Gross sales, Accounts Receivable, and Front Office Reporting. Graphs and Pie Charts are also provided for many Sales summaries.

1. Gross Sales Reports summarixe Sales by Customers, Methods, and Test Types.
2. Several A/R Reports including Overdue Notices and Receipts & Deposits are provided.
3. Front Office Reports and Exception Reports provide a number of other time saving reports.
4. Specialty Reports that you design are typically customized with each Genesis installation.
5. Monthly Reports allow you to Post and Close monthly financials and balance A/R totals to the penny each month. Chemist productivity, Timeliness, Analysis counts, and Lab volumes are also summarized in the Monthly Reports screen.

Allows managers to set User Profiles for each of the laboratories' employees.

1. Unique User Profiles establish protection and rules for Inquiry and Update capabilities.
2. Each area is protected by these security profiles; including Login, Lab Work, Reports, & Methods.
3. Protection is also built in to prevent Deleting Users whose Lab Work has not been ReAssigned.

This is an extensive module with features that range from the Sample Pick-up Scheduler, to more advanced features like Ongoing Project $Fees posting, invoicing, and accounting.

The key screens included with the Field Work & Projects Manager module are as follows:
1. Primary Project Information and contract service rates.
2. Daily Scheduler and Field Personnel manager.
3. Inspections scheduler and $Fee generator.
4. Equipment Manager and rental $Fee generator.
5. Posting to Invoices all Inspection and Equipment $Fees.
6. Project Invoice Summaries and Detailed Billing Sheets.
7. Completed Projects and historical records module.

* Additonal Genesis LIMS modules include:

Customers- Allows access and editing to all of a customer's information.
Quotes- Creates complete quotes and allows for easy conversion to Login Orders.
Methods and Limits- Contains all pre-loaded Test Batteries, prices, MDL and QC spike concentration information, used to report individual sample reporting limits (PQL's), and spike recoveries. Completely customizable.

Genesis LIMS does all this and more for fraction of the price of any similarly capable systems.

For more information about our Modules, call us @ 1-800-686-7009, or ask us for a live demonstration of our Software Solutions.

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